Welcome! I've set up this blog to show the process of creating 12 custom 5-piece place settings out of stoneware clay. I will do my best to stay fairly current with what is happening in my studio. Please stop by often to see the progress!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little request for the customer...

I've been postless for too long-- sorry gang. I'm mending my evil ways.

For some reason I have become an insomniac this summer. At least tonight I'll have something fun to do while I'm roaming the house: opening the kiln and seeing all my glazed goodies! That thrill never dies.

I have a whole bunch of stuff in there, orders from lots of different folks so of course I have my fingers crossed. Included are the last dinner plates and several salad plates and I think the last bowl. With a shipment in the near future, we should be coming up on 48 pieces completed! Perhaps we may even be able to get a remark or two from that very best of customers who hired me to do all this!